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Anamarija Rosić-Milinković
Anamarija Rosić-MilinkovićGerman, English
As I went hiking through the mountains with friends, I mentioned spending a part of my life in Germany. A colleague asked whether I spoke German, and after checking my knowledge asked if I wanted to be a tour guide. I decided to give it a shot, but I never would’ve guessed that 8 years later I would still enjoy doing this job which I would hardly give up for any other. The number of people I met, the friendships I’ve made and the experiences I’ve gained give me the same spark and motivation for this job as I’ve had on the first day.
Jasmin Rasavac
Jasmin RasavacSwedish, Spanish
I decided to invest my international work experience, which I gained in places like Sweden and Spain and Thailand, into my country. I live in Sarajevo where I teach hotels and hotel restaurant staff modern tourism business practices. I believe that my inherent meticulousness and subtlety is something that fascinates my guests over and anew, and is what enables me to do this job in the best possible manner.
Jelena Stanković
Jelena StankovićSwedish, Norwegian, Danish, English
I first enrolled into studying Scandinavian languages at the Humanities department of the University in Belgrade, before traveling and interning in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. I am in love with my hometown Belgrade, and that is where I lead most of my groups. If you try one of the tours on the Danube or Macedonia, Novi Sad and rest of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina or Montenegro, I look forward to meeting you and sharing all my knowledge and experiences with you!
Josip Biokšić
Josip BiokšićSpanish
When I started doing this job in 2010, I liked it immediately. It’s a dynamic and interesting job that requires creativity, all attributes that I found very positive. Since then, however, this stopped being a job for me and became a lifestyle – one that I enjoy very much. I realize that my role is to be the first “ambassador” of my country and region and I take that role very seriously, and I try to form the best possible image for the places that my guests visit with me!
Maja Lopin
Maja LopinFrench, English
I started working as a tour guide in my hometown, Mostar, while I was still a student of journalism. In tourism, just like in journalism, it is important to pass on the correct information. Providing nice info on cultural heritage, tradition and gastronomy after I finished my studies became my calling, my job and my hobby. It’s now been 11 years since I’ve been in this dynamic line of work, filled with challenges and enriched with friendships with travelers from all over the world.
Saša Rosić-Milinković
Saša Rosić-MilinkovićEnglish, German
I’ve been passionate about my hometown of Mostar and its surroundings for as long as I can remember. The more I learned about the world, the more important I found it to show my country and my region in a positive light. I started doing this job while I was still at the university, like many students who want to earn some money during the summer break. There are many of those who see this job as a fun way to make money and gain experience. I have found it my calling in life. If you combine that with my love for travel and meeting new people, it’s very easy to understand the passion and love I have for this job!
Zlatko Papac
Zlatko PapacSwedish
In the 1970s, there was a herbalist called Karajica near Stolac in Herzegovina. As a 10-year old, I directed travellers to that miraculous healer, not even imagining that I will devote my life to tourism. In the 1980s, I started working in the tourism industry in Dubrovnik. In 1990s Sweden becomes my second homeland. I set up my own travel agency in Sweden, and start bringing guests to Croatia and the rest of this region. I returned to Mostar in 2009. Since then, while leading groups of Swedes I’ve been living my own dream – connecting my two homelands.
Maria Johansson
Maria JohanssonSwedish, Norwegian, English
As a Swede living in Croatia I am so happy to meet a new culture, fantastic nature and so many interesting people. Having lived in Sweden and Finland and now Croatia, from performing as a singer and dancer to working in customer service and tourism for me it is always about meeting people, sharing experiences and getting so much back. I look forward to showing you the culture, gastronomy and music of my beautiful new home country.
Marija Begić
Marija BegićSwedish
I spent most most of my life in Makarska, and 6 years at the north of Sweden. The communication with people makes me feel good and my job as a tour leader and guide is my passion. While growing up in a very popular tourist place, I realized that tourism had become an important part of my life. During my stay in Sweden I learned about the Swedish culture as well as the culture of immigrants to Sweden. To my guests I am not only a guide or tour leader. I am their friend they can rely on 24 hours a day.

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