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Mostar Old Town

Highlights of Mostar

Most people know Mostar for its historic old town that contains the Old Bridge, but in this tour you will have a chance to learn and explore the whole history of Mostar – from the Ottoman Empire, through the Austro-Hungarian era, the Communist rule as well as the most recent war. You will see what Mostar is like today and find out how and why it became the way it is. Some of the highlights include the Old Bridge, the Spanish square, the Rondo and the Boulevard.

Mostar Diving

Old Town walking tour

Mostar is Herzegovina’s main town, and it has wowed visitors for centuries. Join us in exploring Mostar’s medieval core – the Old Town. You will have a chance to learn of Mostar’s troubled and turbulent past and its ever-so-intriguing present. We will guide you through the cobbles of the Old Town and show you the marvelous Ottoman architecture. The highlight of the tour of course is the Old Bridge of Mostar: you will have a chance to marvel at it from up close and hear the story behind it and its famous divers.

Beer Tasting

Mostar beer-tasting/ afternoon tour

Beer is the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage, and even though Herzegovina is best-known for its wines, it is very popular with the local population here as well. Unfortunately, most of the beer consumed in Mostar and the region is foreign, but thankfully the situation is changing with local beers becoming more prominent. Join us in visiting the largest local brewery, „Hercegovačka pivovara“, where we will be shown the process of making different kinds of beer, as well as tasting them. After that, you’ll make your way to a local pub to try more local and regional beers and have a nice chat with the guide.

Austro-Hungarian Mostar

History and Culture of Austro-Hungarian Mostar

When the Austro-Hungarian Empire, also Known as the Habsburg Monarchy, took control of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1878, Mostar was a small provincial town stuck in the past. While the Ottomans left a hugely important part of Mostar behind them, including Mostar’s famous Old Bridge – the most recognizable symbol the town has, the era of Austro-Hungarian rule brought great progress. In just 40 years, the new government completely modernized Mostar’s infrastructure, building roads, lighting, sewers, schools, hospitals and much more. In this tour we get to learn and explore this often overlooked, but crucial part of history of Mostar. Some of the sights in the tour include the Mostar Rondo, first elementary and highschool (today’s Gymnasium and City Hall) and the Musala square.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting at winery “Zadro”

Wines are an important part of local culture and tradition in Herzegovina.In regards of climate and geography it is perfectly suited to producing wines of outstanding quality and today Herzegovina has two sorts of wine that are indigenous to this region: Žilavka and Blatina. In today’s tour we will have a chance to taste both of them, as well as the only sparkling wine produced in Herzegovina! We will have a guided tour through the cellars of winery “Zadro“, before we enjoy the wines alongside some of the finest Herzegovinian cheese and prosciutto.

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